Law Office of Elaine Cerveno

Debt Relief

     Following on the heels of the economic strain from the pandemic, a current rate of inflation that hasn't been since in decades plus soaring gas prices many businesses, families and individuals cannot keep up. Despite their best efforts, they are drowning in debt, facing severe financial distress or insolvency. Knowing one's rights and options is essential during difficult times.

    A variety of legal options exist, and sometimes a fresh start through bankruptcy is the best one. Only an attorney can give legal advice regarding your particular situation. Relying on generic advice you find on the internet and statements from non-lawyers could seriously jeopardize your rights with long-term, negative financial consequences. Attorney Cerveno can advise you whether bankruptcy is a good option for you specifically, and has the experience and knowledge that can guide you through the debt relief process offered only through federal bankruptcy court.

     Federal bankruptcy proceedings are a highly complex and specialized area of law. Attorney Cerveno has extensive experience representing clients in both large and small bankruptcy cases. Services include:

Pre-bankruptcy planning and preparation;

Representation of individuals in Chapter 7;

Representation of businesses in all aspects of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases; and

Post-bankruptcy legal advice.